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How to play taboo in seven steps?

How to play taboo in seven steps?

Taboo, which you can see on the shelves in any cafe, a friend's house or any bookstore, is a popular game that is very common nowadays. So, briefly, how is Taboo played? What are the taboo rules? What is taboo?

It would be true to say that taboo is generally a family game that aims to have fun in the process rather than win. This post will aim to give you readers information about the rules and gameplay of the taboo and a few tips if you're just starting out.

Taboo rules in seven steps

1. Getting Started

a) Divide students into groups - you can divide the class in half or into smaller groups.
b) One student in each group is given a vocabulary word card, and required to use sentences, descriptions, etc, to get the other students to guess the target word.
c)If playing a more advanced version and the speaker uses the "taboo" word, then their turn is over (or alternately, they lose a point for each taboo word they use).
d) If you use internet, or computer and whiteboard in the classroom, you could do this as a slideshow to show on a computer.  The taboo words should appear alongside the target word. One student from the team comes to the front of class turning his back to the whiteboard. The other students in the group describe the word or phrase on the screen without using that word, the taboo words or any gestures. As the teacher, keep an eye on the taboo words — if they use one they have to skip to the next word.

Let the game begin…

2. Goal of the Game

The aim of the game is to explain the question word to your teammates by following the rules and not using the words Taboo. These taboo words are five little words written under the word you are trying to explain on the card. If you use the any of these taboo words, even with a momentary distraction, your friend next to you will not hesitate to blow the whistle.

3. Choose one of your team to explain the word

4. Someone from the other team take charge of the hourglass and whistle. 

What are the rules of how to play this?

The player who has the whistle will blow the whistle if the time on the hourglass expires, the narrator uses one of the taboo words or violates any other rules.

5. As soon as the other team turns the hourglass, quickly, Pull the top card, try to describe the cards of the agreed color before starting the game, without using taboo words, Put down any cards that have been missed or whistled, Continue to explain new words to your team until the hourglass is full.

6. Stop telling when the hourglass is full, your team's turn ends. For every word you successfully describe, your team gets a point, For each word you missed or whistled, the opponent gets a point.

7-Now it's time for the opposite team ...


Before the game starts, decide how many rounds you will play or how long you will play. The team with more points at the end of the game wins, in case of a tie, continue until the tie is broken.

Some Important Rules to Make the Game Enjoyable:

• Any part of the words written on the card cannot be used as a clue! For example, if the question word is "underage", you cannot say "under" or "age".

• You cannot express compound words by dividing the word "sunglasses" into "sun" and "glass".

• Words derived from ANY word written on the card cannot be used as a clue. For example, if there is "discribe" among the words Taboo, you cannot say "cribe".

• Even if team members say the words taboo, the narrator cannot use these words.

• Sign language cannot be used. For example, you cannot knock your hands together to describe the word "applause".

• Sound effects such as explosion or engine sound cannot be used; song melody cannot be expressed by humming or singing lyrics.

• Words that resemble the question word in terms of sound or rhyme cannot be used as clues. For example, you cannot say "It looks like a costume" to describe "custom".

• Abbreviations cannot be used if the expansions are one of the words on the card or are derived from these words. For example, you cannot say "TV" instead of "television".

• You cannot express words using any foreign language other than target language. This includes song or movie titles. For example, you cannot say "Ice or Age" when you are describing "Ice Age".

• You cannot use associated brand names to describe the question word. For example, you cannot say "Harley Davidson" to describe "Motorcycle". 

Now you know how to play Taboo and the rules of Taboo. The only thing that can be said from now on: Have fun!


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