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Future Tense Game

Future Tense Game

There are 3 parts to the game. The first part involves ordering the times words. You are shown a series of bubbles containing time vocabulary and you need to drag and drop the time periods into the correct order. For the second part, you are shown the time words laid out in a schedule and you are presented with a sentences stating an action and a time. You then have to find the image that matches the action and move it to the matching time period. For example, if you see 'he is going to play tennis on Monday', then you have to move the tennis image to the Monday time. For the third part, you are shown images and you have to click on words to create a matching phrase. The images used will have an action and a person holding a sign to indicate the time at which the action is done. For example, the image may show a man flying a kite and then a sign saying 'Monday'. The phrase for this image would be 'On Monday, he is going to fly a kite'.

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